Lets face it: You are massively busy, and you've been meaning to learn Hmong for awhile. But watching videos or reading a book is B.O.R.I.N.G. You need a fun way to learn Hmong, connect with inspiring Hmong sisters around the world, and dream bigger together.

We got real-world problems Hmong Women Take on the World want to tackle through a network of movers and shakers. Learning Hmong, design thinking, and connecting a global sisterhood is critical to our aim. We can’t do it alone. We need you. The world needs you. So why not join?

Space is extremely limited so keep reading and don't delay signing up. We start on October 10th, 2018.

Learn. Grow. Connect. Take action. Now is your time.

Learn how to read and write in Hmong with a partner

Learn about Design Thinking & Co-creation, the latest skill that many companies are looking for (and the heart of Hmong Women Take on the World)

Connect with like-minded women from around the world

Contribute and inspire a global audience at our 2019 Global Virtual Summit



This intimate 5-week, innovative bootcamp is unlike any other. You learn and are part of something greater. We fuse together 4 components:

  1. Learn Hmong
  2. Apply Design Thinking
  3. Pen Pal with another Student (paired up for Bootcamp)
  4. Cohort Project for 2019 Global Virtual Summit

Small Cohort

Imagine an intimate cohort where you really get to know each other, including the instructors, Chang Moua and Elizabeth Yang. Design thinking drives Hmong Women Take on the World and you get a great opportunity to learn from the founder that sparked a social movement with technology and social media.

Make Exclusive Connections

Get access to like-minded women and be a trendsetter as we create an exclusive community where your fellow future cohort members will share her experiences, wins, anxieties, and be potential Summit contributors. Our community is empowering, nurturing, and chock-full of Hmong women movers and shakers.

Pay It Forward

We're seeking to better help our people around the world. That’s why we’re also learning Hmong and design thinking, a creative way to solve problems with empathy and urgency. By choosing this Bootcamp, you are investing in yourself and our future Global Virtual Summit to celebrate Hmong sisters worldwide.


Given the high-touch nature of this Bootcamp, we only take on 10 students at a time.

Get ready for an amazing 5-week Hmong Pen Pal journey.

Sessions take place virtually via Zoom and an exclusive Facebook group. All you need is a computer with video/audio and an internet connection. Bootcamp starts October 10, 2018.


For 5-weeks, we meet twice per week (Wednesdays & Fridays) for 2.5 hours each class (5 hours total per week).

October 10th - November 9th

4:30 pm PST / 6:30 pm CST / 7:30 pm EST

The Hmong Language

This Bootcamp is designed to build your confidence in learning how to speak, read and write in Hmong. Each course immerses participants in the beautiful Hmong language in both White and Green Hmong dialects based on the Hmong Romanized Popular Alphabet (RPA).

Students will develop speaking and listening skills through interactive activities, audio visual media and dialogue practices. A strong emphasis of the Hmong tone markers will be cover for the correct usage of the Hmong language.

Taught by instructor, Mr. Chang Moua, located in Minnesota, USA.

Design Thinking

Design thinking puts compassion for the people at the heart of solving for complex problems. Solutions can look like products, services, and programs. Any organization, private or non-profit, can leverage it. The design mindset is a discipline that focuses on testing and failing fast to do better.

Design thinking is skill set that many companies and organizations are using. You can learn more:

Students will get to learn about the basics of design thinking and apply different methods to their cohort project for HWTOTW's Global Virtual Summit in 2019.

Taught by instructor, Ms. Elizabeth Yang, located in Massachusetts, USA.


You get creative freedom to define a project with your partner that will contribute to Hmong Women Take on the World (HWTOTW)'s 2019 Global Virtual Summit. Given the high-touch nature of this Bootcamp, we only take on 10 students at a time.

Theme: Hmong Culture Resiliency Around the World


  • Inspired by a global Hmong sisterhood
  • In Hmong and English
  • Demonstrate how you used Design Thinking when you share it with your cohort


  • A Hmong recipe dish made in the USA and another country
  • Poem
  • Song
  • Short video (slideshow)
  • Hmong inspired creation
  • A history lesson

Meet Your Instructors

Chang Moua, Minnesota, USA

Chang Moua graduated from Augsburg College with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. He has experience working with youths and adults of various ages and backgrounds due to working in culturally diverse settings. Chang is currently working at Parnassus Preparatory School as a Paraprofessional where he provides essential support for students with disabilities.In the past, Chang has also worked with the Hennepin County Family Services as a social work intern where he strongly used his bilingual skills (Hmong) to provide resources and facilitate transactions in the community.

During his open time, Chang likes to solve jigsaw puzzles, write his own Hmong poetry and stay active through playing different sports. With only one year left, Chang is looking forward to going back to college and pursuing his Master’s in social work.

Elizabeth Yang, Massachusetts, USA

Elizabeth Yang is the founder of Hmong Women Take on the World’s Live Global Virtual Summit, a global initiative that fuses her passions in emerging technology, product marketing, and social media to create inspirational experiences. The crowdfunded campaign raised $30K and generated 100+ curated global stories and brought together a leadership team of 60 partners around the world across 8 different countries, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Laos, USA, and Vietnam.

She is also Founder & CEO of Better With Company where they offer breakthrough solutions that transforms from the inside-out for better well-being, higher performance, and clearer purpose with measurable outcomes. She brings over 15 years of experience from top Fortune 500 companies in Research & Development innovation, product development, and marketing. She’s launched several multi-million dollar growth initiatives and led emerging technology teams in taking new ideas to market launch by staying focused on the customer experience and people culture.

Elizabeth advises start ups and is a Tiny Habits Coach obsessed with productivity hacks for behavioral changes in life and business. She enjoys reading, traveling, a good laugh, and spending time with her husband and two beautiful children in Boston, Massachusetts.

Chang Moua

Hmong Instructor

Elizabeth Yang

Design Thinking Instructor &

Founder, Hmong Women Take on the World


Given the high-touch nature of this Bootcamp, we only take on 10 students at a time.

  • Open to English-speaking Hmong women seeking to learn intermediate Hmong language in reading and writing that are located in the USA, Australia, Germany, and Europe.
  • You'll be paired up with another student (pen pal) based on your interests and time zone to connect. We highly encourage virtually meeting outside of class.
  • Given the Bootcamp intensity, students must already be fluent in understanding Hmong.
  • 18 years old or older

You must be able to attend all classes. You can not miss more than one class.


$40 per class x 10 classes with virtual office hours. Includes FREE* our top sellers ($35 USD value):

That's $400 total.

Proceeds benefit our annual Global Virtual Summit. There are NO refunds.

Payment options available. An additional administrative fee of $20 is assessed. The 1st installation due immediately with 2nd installation due by October 26th.

*You will be responsible for $10 USD shipping in the USA. International will vary.

"If you truly want to change the world find your tribe and dream bigger together..."

Elizabeth Yang

Founder, Hmong Women Take on the World



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